Tips and tricks on Ruby vSphere Console (RVC) for managing Virtual SAN environment

Continuing with our KBTV Webinar Series, in this latest KBTV Webinar you will learn some great tips and tricks you can use in Ruby vSphere Console (RVC) for managing a Virtual SAN environment. Covered in this video demonstration are various commands that can be used within Ruby vSphere Console (RVC), including:
“vsan.disks_stats” Useful for capacity planning, management of disk groups and monitoring the health of physical disks
“vsan.check_state” Useful for troubleshooting data unavailability situations and understanding object health in the VSAN cluster
“vsan.resync_dashboard” Useful for visibility into data resync when changing storage policies
“vsan.whatif_host_failures” Useful for capacity planning on future VSAN nodes and understanding VSAN’s ability to tolerate node failures.

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