May 09

TAM Lab 060 – SQL Server Clustering on vSphere

Steve Tilkens (@stevetilkens) reviews the process to build a Microsoft SQL Server cluster (Windows Server Failover Cluster) on vSphere and the configurations required to tune the workload for performance.

NOTE: This video is roughly 60 minutes in length so it would be worth blocking out some time to watch it!

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May 12

vSphere 6.7 – vCenter Server High Availability

Lightboard illustration of the vCenter Server High Availability options for each deployment type.

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May 10

vSphere 6.7 – Deployment Topologies

Lightboard illustration of the deployment topologies and their benefits in vSphere 6.7. To learn more, visit:

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May 10

vSphere 6.7 – What’s New

Light-board illustration to summarize briefly the top new features vSphere 6.7. To learn more, visit:

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