Feb 16

Configure Shares and Reservations for VMware vSphere Resource Management (vSOM)

This video shows how to use the VMware vSphere web client to configure shares, reservations, and limits in order to effectively distribute compute and memory resources among virtual machines using vSOM.

Rating: 5/5

Jun 18

What Is VMware vSphere Storage DRS? (vSOM)

This animated video shows how VMware Storage DRS, a new feature of VMware vSphere 5.1 and vSOM, reduces the time and complexity of provisioning virtual machines by aggregating data stores into a single pool, called a datastore cluster, enabling rapid placement of virtual machines and virtual machine disks. VMware Storage DRS helps reduce costs and improve agility, balance storage space and I/O loads, and improve application performance. Learn about the new vCloud Suite:

Rating: 5/5