NSX Everywhere – The Foundation for the Digital Era

In this video, you’ll learn how NSX, VMware’s Network & Security Platform, is at the heart of accelerating digital business transformation. We’ll discuss how NSX drives four key strategic IT priorities:

    1. It delivers agility, security, and scalability Modern Data Centers, supporting innovation & growth
    2. It extends security from the data center to the Digital Workspace, supporting secure access to applications from anywhere on any device
    3. It allows you to Integrate Public Clouds consistently manage, connect, and secure applications across multiple private and public clouds
    4. Most critically, it Transforms Security so that data, apps, devices, data centers, and clouds are compliant and secure.

And we’ll discuss how these IT priorities are directly linked to business outcomes around o accelerating business agility and innovation. o delivering exceptional mobile experiences. o protecting brand and customer trust VMware NSX is the Network Virtualization & Security platform that helps our customers make the transition to the Digital Era. Get the NSX Mindset!

Rating: 5/5

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