How to recreate a missing virtual machine disk descriptor file

This video demonstrates how to recreate a missing virtual machine disk descriptor .vmdk file.
Note: VMware recommends to attempt to restore the missing descriptor file from backups if possible. If this is not possible, proceed with recreating the virtual machine disk descriptor file.

To create a virtual machine disk descriptor file:

– Identify the size of the flat file in bytes.

– Create a new blank virtual disk that is the same size as the original. This serves as a baseline example that is modified in later steps.

– Rename the descriptor file (also referred to as a header file) of the newly-created disk to match the name of the original virtual disk.

– Modify the contents of the renamed descriptor file to reference the flat file.

– Remove the leftover temporary flat file of the newly-created disk, as it is not required.

This procedure will not work on virtual disks configured with a Para-virtualized SCSI controller in the virtual machine

For additional information, see VMware Knowledge Base article 1002511 at the following URL

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