Mar 02

Using Log Insight to apply Micro Segmentation with NSX

Learn how to apply a repeatable process to any application with NSX and Log Insight. Use logs to learn what applications really speak and lock down and permit only valid communication with DFW and Security Groups. Create usable dashboards with Log Insight to ensure you’re alerted to any spurious activities.

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Nov 22

The VMware Cross-Cloud Architecture

See how VMware’s Cross-Cloud Architecture helps you avoid cloud silos, giving you both freedom and control in IT infrastructure.

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Oct 30

VMware SDDC Technical Whiteboard

Trying something different…the VMware software-defined datacenter story in a whiteboard. The whiteboard walks you through the evolution of datacenters…from basic virtualization (vSphere) to an optimized, application-centric, ultra efficient, highly automated and governed SDDC

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Oct 26

VMware Cloud on AWS – Overview

Watch this short video to get an overview of VMware Cloud on AWS. #VMWonAWS

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Oct 22

How to recreate a missing virtual machine disk descriptor file

This video demonstrates how to recreate a missing virtual machine disk descriptor .vmdk file.
Note: VMware recommends to attempt to restore the missing descriptor file from backups if possible. If this is not possible, proceed with recreating the virtual machine disk descriptor file.

To create a virtual machine disk descriptor file:

– Identify the size of the flat file in bytes.

– Create a new blank virtual disk that is the same size as the original. This serves as a baseline example that is modified in later steps.

– Rename the descriptor file (also referred to as a header file) of the newly-created disk to match the name of the original virtual disk.

– Modify the contents of the renamed descriptor file to reference the flat file.

– Remove the leftover temporary flat file of the newly-created disk, as it is not required.

This procedure will not work on virtual disks configured with a Para-virtualized SCSI controller in the virtual machine

For additional information, see VMware Knowledge Base article 1002511 at the following URL

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Sep 26

VMware vRealize Network Insight: Health and Availability

Ensure best practices, health and availability of NSX deployment.

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Sep 23

VMware vRealize Network Insight: Micro-segmentation

Plan micro-segmentation deployment and ensure compliance.

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Sep 23

VMware vRealize Network Insight: Visibility

In this video, we will focus on how to get 360 degree visibility across overlay and underlay and use to troubleshoot and optimize network performance.

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Aug 30

VMware Validated Design for SDDC – Cloud Operations with vRealize Log Insight Demo

The VMware Validated Design for SDDC is a blueprint for the private cloud that results in an SDDC that is consistent, thoroughly documented, extensively tested from end-to-end, and continuously validated to incorporate new releases of software components. VMware vRealize Log Insight provides centralized log aggregation and log analytics. It increases the operational visibility, facilitates troubleshooting and root cause analysis in the SDDC. In this video, we will review the configuration of vRealize Log Insight, based on this comprehensive SDDC architecture. Learn more about VMware Validated Designs at or follow updates on Twitter @VMwareSDDC.

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Aug 18

VMware vRealize Log Insight Product Overview

This video provides an overview of VMware vRealize™ Log Insight™. Log Insight delivers a powerful real-time log management for VMware environments, with machine learning-based Intelligent Grouping, and high performance search , enabling faster troubleshooting and better operational analytics in across physical, virtual, and cloud environments. It can analyze terabytes of logs, discover structure in unstructured data, and deliver enterprise-wide visibility via a modern web interface.

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