What’s New: VMware Integrated OpenStack 3.0

Stack diagram for VMware Integrated OpenStack

Stack diagram for VMware Integrated OpenStack

VMware’s latest OpenStack distribution gives you the new features and enhancements included in the latest Mitaka release, an optimized management control plane architecture, and the ability to leverage existing workloads in your OpenStack cloud.

  • OpenStack Mitaka Support
    VMware Integrated OpenStack customers can now leverage the features and enhancements in the latest Mitaka release that address manageability, scalability and an improved user experience. Mitaka improvements include:

    • Improved day-to-day experience for cloud admins and IT administrators
    • Simplified configuration for Nova compute service
    • Streamlined Keystone identity service is now a one-step process for setting up the identity management features of a cloud network
    • Keystone now supports multi-backend allowing local authentication and AD accounts simultaneously
    • Heat’s convergence engine optimized to handle larger loads and more complex actions for horizontal scaling for improved performance for stateless mode
    • Enhanced OpenStack Client provides a consistent set of calls for creating resources, no longer requiring the need to learn the intricacies of each service API
    • Support for software development kits (SDKs) in various languages
    • New “give me a network,” feature capable of creating a network, attaching a server to it, assigning an IP to that server, and making the network accessible in a single action
  • Easily Import Existing Workloads
  • Customers can now quickly leverage their existing vSphere workloads and start managing them via standard OpenStack APIs. The ability to directly import vSphere VMs into OpenStack and run critical Day 2 operations against them via OpenStack enables you to quickly move your environment to an OpenStack Framework.

  • Compact Management Control Plane
  • Building on enhancements from previous releases, this feature is focused on organizations looking to evaluate OpenStack or to build a small OpenStack cloud for branch locations quickly and cost effectively. The VMware Integrated OpenStack architecture has been optimized to support a compact architecture mode that dramatically reduces the infrastructure footprint saving resource costs and overall operational complexity.

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