VMware Horizon 7 What’s New

Desktop and App Virtualization Reimagined

Simplify the move to the mobile cloud era. Securely deliver and manage Windows or Linux desktops, applications, and online services to end users through a digital workspace across virtual data centers, virtual machines, and physical devices. Provide consistently great end-user experience across locations, media, and connections to improve workplace productivity.

VMware Horizon® 7 goes beyond VDI to provide end users with one place to securely access all their desktops, applications, and online services from any device, everywhere. With Horizon 7, IT organizations can take advantage of closed-loop management and automation, tight integration with the software-defined data center, and hybrid brokering to deliver and protect all the Windows or Linux and online resources users want, at the speed they expect, with the efficiency business demands.

Cloud Pod Architecture Improved Scale

Cloud Pod Architecture now scales to support 50,000 sessions across up to 10 sites, with 25 pods of infrastructure. Customers can aggregate multiple pods in either the same data center or different data centers and entitle users to a desktop in any location.
Organizations now benefit from an unprecedented ability to scale, with improved failover performance.

 Horizon 7 Draws on the Best of Mobile and Cloud

Figure 1 – Horizon 7 Draws on the Best of Mobile and Cloud

Smart Policies with Streamlined Access

Horizon 7 also introduces a robust suite of security and policyfocused capabilities that help customers improve their overall security posture, with a multilayered, defense-in-depth approach that goes from client endpoint to data center to the extended virtual infrastructure. Smart Policies delivers a real-time, policybased system with intelligent, contextual, role-based management that is seamlessly integrated:

  • True SSO – Streamlines the end-to-end login experience. Users logging in and authenticating via VMware Identity Manager™ would previously be presented with a second login prompt to access their Windows desktop, using their AD credentials. True SSO seamlessly bypasses this secondary login request for users who have already authenticated via Identity Manager, using a short-lived Horizon virtual certificate, enabling a password-free Windows login that brings them immediately to their desktop, for a secure, simplified, and faster overall experience.
  • Policy-managed client features – Contextually aware, finegrained control of client-side capabilities, for a more robust security posture with improved IT manageability. Now IT can selectively enable or disable features like clipboard redirection, USB, printing, and client drive redirection. Customers can now use policy to ensure that, for instance, a desktop login from a network location considered unsecure, results in disabling of security-sensitive features like cut/paste or USB drive access. Additionally, PCoIP Bandwidth Profile settings
    allow IT to customize the user experience based on user context and location. All of this can be enforced based on role,
    evaluated at login and logout, disconnect and reconnect, and at predetermined refresh intervals for consistent application of policy across the entirety of the user experience.

Blast Extreme

Adding to PCoIP, VMware now offers customers additional choice and flexibility with brand new Blast Extreme display technology, purpose built and optimized for the digital workspace. Built on industry-standard H.264 protocol, Blast Extreme supports the broadest range of client devices, billions of them, that are already H.264 capable. Customers can choose between Blast Extreme, PCoIP, and RDP based on their use cases and client device choices. Blast Extreme offers many inherent advantages over PCoIP in addition to client device support. These include the ability to leverage both TCP or UDP network transport, and lower CPU consumption for longer battery life on a range of devices.
Additionally, when combined with GPU-based hardware acceleration in the host, such as NVIDIA GRID, VMware has a complete solution that supports graphics performance end to end for the most visually intensive applications, in any use case.

Make the Move Today

Horizon 7 is available in the following editions:

  • Horizon 7 Standard – Simple powerful VDI with great user experience
  • Horizon 7 Advanced – Unified workspace for secure access to desktops and applications at lowest cost
  • Horizon 7 Enterprise – Desktops and applications delivered with cloud automation and management

Learn More

For more information, visit http://www.vmware.com/go/horizon7.


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