Virtual SAN Hardware Quick Reference Guide


The purpose of this document is to provide sample server configurations as directional guidelines for use with VMware® Virtual SAN™. Use these guidelines as your first step toward determining the configuration for Virtual SAN.

How to use this document

1. Determine your workload profile requirement for your use case.
2. Refer to Ready Node profiles to determine the approximate configuration that meets your needs.
3. Use VSAN Hardware Compatibility Guide to pick a Ready Node aligned with the selected profile from the OEM server vendor of choice.

Additional Resources

For more detail on Virtual SAN Design guidance, see
1. Virtual SAN Ready Node Configurator
2. Virtual SAN Hardware Guidance
3. VMware® Virtual SAN™ 6.0 Design and Sizing Guide.
4. Virtual SAN Sizing Calculator
5. VSAN Assessment Tool


Download out the full Virtual SAN Hardware Quick Reference Guide technical white paper.

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