Virtual SAN Compatibility Guide

VMware Virtual SAN Ready Nodes

The purpose of this document is to provide VMware Virtual SAN™ Ready Node configurations from OEM vendors. Virtual SAN Ready Node is a validated server configuration in a tested, certified hardware form factor for Virtual SAN deployment,jointly recommended by the server OEM and VMware. Virtual SAN Ready Nodes are ideal as hyper-converged building blocks for larger data center environments looking for automation and a need to customize hardware and software configurations.

Virtual SAN Ready Node is a turnkey solution for accelerating Virtual SAN deployment with following benefits:

1. Complete server configurations jointly recommended by the server OEM and VMware

  • Complete with the size, type and quantity of CPU, Memory, Network, I/O Controller, HDD and SSD combined with a certified server that is best suited to run a specific Virtual SAN workload
  • Most Ready Nodes come pre-loaded with vSphere and Virtual SAN if user decides to quote/order as-is

2. Easy to order and faster time to market

  • Single orderable “SKU” per Ready Node
  • Can be quoted/ordered as-is or customized

3. Benefit of choices

  • Work with your server OEM of choice
  • Choose the Ready Node profiles based on your workload
  • New license sales or for customers with ELA

The Virtual SAN Ready Nodes listed in this document are classified into HY-2 Series, HY-4 Series, HY-6 Series, HY-8 Series, AF-6 Series and AF-8 Series. The solution profiles are defined based on different levels of workload requirements for performance and capacity and each solution profile provides a different price/performance focus.
For guidelines on the hardware choices of a Virtual SAN solution, along with the infrastructure sizing assumptions and design considerations made to create the sample configurations, please refer to the Virtual SAN Hardware Quick Reference Guide.

In order to choose the right Virtual SAN Ready Node for your environment, follow this two-step process:

1. Refer to the Virtual SAN Hardware Quick Reference Guide. for guidance on how to identify the right solution profile category for your workload profile and the category of Ready Node that meets your needs
2. Choose Ready Nodes from your vendor of choice listed in this document that correspond to the solution profile category that you identified for your workload

Note: The Virtual Machine profiles including number of Virtual Machines per desktop are based on Virtual SAN 5.5. The Virtual SAN 6.0 numbers will be available after GA.


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