Jan 04

Introduction to vCloud Architecture Toolkit for Service Providers


VMware vCloud® Architecture Toolkit™ for Service Providers (vCAT-SP) is a set of reference documents that are designed to help VMware service provider partners within the VMware vCloud Air™ Network define, design, implement, and operate their VMware powered cloud platforms and services.

vCAT-SP is completely hardware vendor agnostic, although some vendors are mentioned in the implementation examples because the examples are based on implementations that VMware has performed with customers in the field.
The design guidelines and considerations highlighted in the vCAT-SP documentation are based on real world use cases and implementation experience gained from the field. The consumer (architect) will have the opportunity to choose design considerations that are important to the success of the cloud platform, and should consider interrelated design options holistically. For example, a requirement for higher performance might influence management and operations.


vCAT-SP has been developed so that each document can stand alone and provide guidance to the
architect on implementing a specific part of the solution. For example, the Architecting VMware NSX for Service Providers document can be used by a service provider who has already implemented a core cloud product based on VMware vSphere® or VMware vCloud Director®, understands how this component fits into a wider solution, and knows how to design based on required outcomes and use cases.

The vCAT-SP documentation is organized as follows:

  • General documents – Document map and introduction on how to consume and leverage vCAT-SP.
  • Service definition documents – Documents that enable the consumer to effectively define requirements for the cloud platform and determine what services to offer to their end users.
  • Architecture documents – Documents that highlight the logical design and operational considerations within a specific architectural domain.
  • Solution architecture example documents – Documents that provide solution architecture examples of a cloud platform.
  • Solutions and services examples – Documents that provide architecture guidance and implementation blueprints for value-add services and solutions that can be added to the core cloud platform.

The following diagram highlights the key solution areas to consider across each cloud service model and
the VMware products that align to those areas.

Solution Area to Technology Mapping

Figure 5. Solution Area to Technology Mapping

Download Introduction to vCloud Architecture Toolkit for Service Providers Guide.

Sep 20

VMware Cloud Foundation Network Overview

The VMware SDDC Manager allocates cloud capacity into workload domains. Each workload domain is backed by a vSphere cluster and is managed by its own vCenter Server instance. In each workload domain, a virtual distributed switch is created with multiple VLAN-backed port groups to logically segregate and isolate the different traffic types. VMware NSX is then deployed to provide virtual networking and advanced security services.

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Sep 20

VMware Cloud Foundation – Creating a Virtual Infrastructure Workload Domain

In this video, we demonstrate the creation of a Virtual Infrastructure Workload Domain using the VMware SDDC Manager.

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Sep 20

VMware Cloud Foundation – Automated Patching and Upgrades with VCF Lifecycle Management

In this video, we provide an overview on how to use the Cloud Foundation Lifecycle Management feature to upgrade the unified SDDC

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Sep 20

VMware Cloud Foundation Storage Overview

VMware Cloud Foundation leverages vSAN ready-nodes to implement a simple, efficient and highly scalable storage architecture for the SDDC. Leveraging the automation capabilities of the SDDC Manager it’s easy to create workload domains and provision new vSAN data stores. vSAN radically simplifies storage and makes it easy to deploy a modern software-defined data center.

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Sep 20

VMware Cloud Foundation Technical Introduction

See how VMware Cloud Foundation brings together the core SDDC building blocks of compute virtualization (with VMware vSphere), storage virtualization (with VMware vSAN) and network virtualization (with VMware NSX), together with the automation capabilities of the VMware SDDC Manager, into a new unified SDDC platform that provides a vastly simplified SDDC experience

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Oct 31

VMware Cloud Foundation – Technical Deep Dive

NOTE: This video is roughly 50 minutes in length so it would be worth blocking out some time to watch it!

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Oct 27

VMware Cloud on AWS – Demo

Dr. Matt Wood, AWS GM, Product Strategy and Mark Lohmeyer, VMware VP Products, Demo VMware Cloud on AWS – VMware and Amazon Web Services Partnership Announcement #VMWonAWS

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